A Blog Dedicated to All Things Lorax
~ Friday, March 23 ~

The Rules:

Hello, fellow Lorax fans, and welcome to the Lorax art blog, where you can submit and view all the best artwork related to our favorite Dr. Seuss creation!  Before we get started, here are some ground rules:

1. Both book and movie fanart is acceptable
I do not want to hear anybody complaining about how one sucks/ is superior to the other and therefore shouldn’t be allowed.  This blog covers everything Lorax, and if you do not like it than do not follow this blog.  No hate is tolerated here.

2. Art must be your own work to submit
You can suggest other people’s artwork to me, but I must have the artist’s permission to post it.  I do not want any complications with stolen artwork, nor do I want to have to go back and delete a post because the artist didn’t want their stuff on the blog.  I don’t believe I’ll have to many problems with this but, you never know.

3. No edited screenshots, demotivational posters, traced artwork, etc.
This is an art blog.  This means you have to have drawn/ painted/ sculpted the thing yourself.  Please do not spam me with something you put no effort into whatsoever, thank you.

4. Nothing inappropriate/ suggestive
This is a kid’s movie people.  :|

5. Just have Fun!
Be kind and supportive of others!  I created this blog with the express purpose of giving artists the chance to show their art to the world, so please stay positive and be respectful to everyone.  That way we can all have a great time!

That’s it, kiddies!  Feel free to submit as much artwork as you please, and enjoy!

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